Because every little step counts…


In an effort to reduce our environmental footprint and increase our social responsibility, we are always seeking for “green” solutions. That’s how the new Nanö/Nöruk loungewear collection, made of recycled fabrics, was created. This collection is produced using ecological materials such as recycled polyester and cotton.



Behind the scenes of recycling



Recycled polyester is a great alternative that allows us to reduce the consumption of water and energy plus the production of carbon dioxide.

With plastic bottles, crushed into pellets and then melted, it’s possible to produce new fiber. It’s with this fiber that we can produce a new thread and therefore create new ecological fabrics.




Recycled cotton can be produced using two methods: 

- from fibers or fabrics’ waste during production (pre-consumer)

- from existing clothing (post-consumer)

Good to know: clothes made with recycled cotton contribute to reduce considerably the water consumption and the use of pesticides.